The Future of VR Basketball

Apr 3, 2023

Big Ballers VR started as a simple idea in mid-2021 when Chris Walz developed a simple prototype with only a basic shooting mechanic. It was far from perfect—you couldn't even dribble or dunk then—but it laid the foundation for something truly special.

Fast forward to December 2021, when the core mechanics were finally in place. Big Ballers was starting to resemble the thrilling, immersive experience we know today. By March 2022, the game went viral, capturing the attention of gamers and VR enthusiasts around the globe with millions of views.

In 2023, Big Ballers VR boasts nearly 1 million hours played, with fans in over 30 countries. The game offers an unparalleled experience with complete ranked competitive play, character customization, hundreds of cosmetics, and high-octane gameplay driven by the most realistic physics in VR.

But this is just the beginning. With a fantastic team (Doge Labs VR) behind Big Ballers VR, the possibilities are limitless. They're dreaming up new ways to push the boundaries of VR sports. Through continuous iteration of experimentation, design, and community feedback, the game continues to evolve and thrill players for years to come. So, if you haven't tried Big Ballers VR yet, it's time you strap on your headset, and let's hit the basketball parks together!

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