Big Ballers VR: Frequently Asked Questions

Apr 9, 2023


Welcome to Big Ballers VR (aka Big Ballers Basketball), the best VR sports game where you can play basketball, football and baseball with people all over the world. You can perform high flying contact dunks, "Moss" people, and hit dingers. Don't forget crossing over your opponents and winning to become the G.O.A.T.

Social Links:

Community Guidelines

Our community guidelines are simple:

  1. Be respectful.

  2. Help each other.

  3. Have fun.

  4. Remember that there's a fellow human on the other headset - be kind.

If you're disrespectful, use slurs, bully or toxic in-game you will be voice banned.

Gameplay Tips

When playing Big Ballers VR, watch your surroundings. Make sure you have plenty of room to swing your arms, dribble, and shoot, otherwise you could break something. To jump higher, swing your arms upwards and tap the jump button at the same time. Release grip at the peak for your shot and follow through.

Updates and Private Beta

Updates typically include visual upgrades, bug fixes, and gameplay improvements. Private beta is only available to a select group of people. Keep an eye on the #announcements Discord channel for the most up-to-date information.

Game Information

There are several Parks (maps/environments), including Sunset Bay, Ballers Beach, Ballers Stadium, Mars, Jerry's Gym, Harlem House, Dev Playground, Lobby, and Hall of Fame. BBB came out on August 4, 2021, but it didn't go viral until March 2022. It's estimated that there are anywhere from 50k to 250k players. The game is only available on the Meta Quest Platform right now. You can Google "Big Ballers Basketball" to find it easily. Increase your reputation and level by scoring points during Free Play or competitive matches. Additional points are award for winning games.

Reporting and Moderation

Always report and mute players in-game. To report, open the in-game menu, click players, find the player name and click the report or mute button in the same row. Our automated moderation system tracks your reports to voice ban toxic players as needed. Your Toxicity Score is based on how much you're reported and muted. If you keep getting voice banned, be respectful and don't troll, and your toxicity score will improve.

Doge Labs VR Team

Doge Labs VR was founded by Chris in 2021 to accelerate the onset of VR gaming. Since then, Doge Labs' flagship game Big Ballers VR has become a viral success with players competing all across the world.

Competitive League

If you're interested in joining our competitive league Big Ballers Association (BBA). Some tournaments have cash prizes or in-game cosmetic rewards such as hats and avatars. The BBA discord server link is:

How do I get the review hat in Big Ballers VR?

To get the review hat, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Big Ballers VR store page.

  2. Write a (hopefully good) review of the game!

  3. Wait a few hours.

  4. You'll have access to the hat. Put it on through the Ballers Shop!