Big Baller VR - Game Update: V3494

Jun 22, 2024

Game Update: V3494

June 22nd 2024

We hope you enjoy this game update our development team has been working on.

The majority of Ballers will see their ranked league drop down. We did this to make it more challenging for everyone to achieve GOAT League General


⏫ Private Park menu will now only show parks for the selected game mode.

⏫ Private Park menu will remember last park used between games.

🛠️ Attempted fix for slow movement when looking down or via other game movements

🛠️ Improved game logic on exiting out of game or powering off headset while in a match

🛠️ Some maps were renamed to better represent what they are.


⏫ League tiers above Gold are now more difficult to obtain.

🛠️ Fixed, where matchmaking would continue to attempt to match a player, even if the player quit out of the game.

Blade Ballers

⏫ Enhanced Blade Ball Movement

⏫ Added New Spawn Positions

⏫ Added safeguards when a match met no-contest conditions or if a match ended and there were not enough players.

🛠️ Fixed visual around the Blade Baller Dome

🛠️ Fixed where the ball could get stuck or go under the map.

American Football

🛠️ Fixed, when the opposing team obtains the ball and is still passed the first down line (when a player picks the ball passed the 1st down and is tackled)

🛠️ Fixed, when players were able to gain yards by throwing the ball towards out of bounds and running up the field line.

🛠️ Fixed, when players could grab the ball when they should not be able to during kickoff


⏫ Improved, Audio SFX and Visuals

Spectator Mode

🛠️ Added some safeguards to height in spectator mode.

🛠️ Fixed where players could go into spectator mode when they should not.

Please update your game, you should be on v3494 or higher, you can check what version you are on by looking in the bottom right hand corner of the in-game menu.