Big Baller VR - Game Update: V3485

Jun 12, 2024

Game Update: V3485

June 12th 2024

Game Mode Updates

  • New Blade Ballers, a new game mode and a matching park!

    • Hit the ball towards the players. Don't get hit. The last one standing wins. Be on the look out for other easter eggs!

  • Fitness is now its own park

    • Level up your body with daily drills of warm-ups, stretches and challenges.

  • Dodgeball and Laser Tag has been separated into their own parks!

  • Basketball has all new stats

    • View your Assists, Steals and Rebounds on your career page.

    • Added a competitive mode.

  • Baseball and Dodgeball had their ball throwing force adjusted to be higher.

Competitive Mode

  • Added competitive Basketball with Ranked Matchmaking

    • Win games to gain Matching Making Rating (MMR) and level up your ranks

    • Matchmaking takes into account your MMR and ping, and tries to find other similar players in the matchmaking queue.

    • The accuracy of matchmaking will improve over time as more players complete their placement in matches. MMR will learn over the time period.

    • We have added the following competitive leagues:

      • Bronze

      • Silver

      • Gold

      • Platinum

      • Diamond

      • Master

      • GOAT

New Content

  • Spectator Mode

    • This mode will turn you into a camera drone that can fly around most parks for content creation. We are excited to see what our Content Creators and the community will make with these new tools.

    • You can access this feature in two ways.

      1. Toggle spectator by pressing and holding [Right Thumbstick]

      2. Access the In-Game Menu > Settings > Gameplay > Spectate

  • MORE Tiers have been added and all tiers have been visually enhanced. Some tiers have had their requirements adjusted as well.

  • When you win a match or level up you will be notified of all stats you have gained recently.

  • Your tier and current progress to the next level is now visible in the top right of the in-game menu.

  • The Career page now displays all the sports more clearly.


  • Ready Button, restyled and clarified

  • Join Zone is now more accurate as represented in-game. You should no longer be left out of a match

  • Game instructions will no longer blocks other team(s) while standing in the zone.

  • Reputation Plate now says "rep9999" for clarity

  • Banners now face you so you can actually read them!

  • LED Name Plate replaces your name text instead of overlapping it.

  • Fixed banners in the shop and replay not showing your name/stats